first prompt?

If you are unfamiliar, prompts are tools used by writers (or those who aspire to be) in order to ignite the fires of creativity, get the juices flowing, rev the engine, etc. In addition, prompts are often used to push a writer out of their comfort zone as the prompt may cover content which they would not normally choose.

This blog – prompt every day – will, as the name implies, post a daily (Mon through Fri) prompt with the aspiration of providing content that inspires writers to write. The prompts will range in variety, content, and type. It could be an image, open ended sentence, or part of a scene. Each prompt will also be accompanied by a goal such as a word count or time limit.

For example, the first prompt is a snippet of conversation with a goal of 500 words. As a writer, you have the freedom to turn that snippet into anything you can imagine. The purpose is to write every day, and the goal provides a measurable target. We are writers are we not? Writers write. Sometimes that is easier said than done and that is when tackling a prompt goal can provide a daily win.

So, you’re here to write, right? Go to the Home page and give a prompt a try!