#ThemeThursday – respect

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Goal: 300 words



The entrance to the tunnel was his only way out.

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Goal: 750 words
Source: http://writingexercises.co.uk/firstlinegenerator.php


Hoping everyone has had a wonderful holiday season so far and a Merry Christmas. Picking up prompts again to finish off the year, then will be reformatting them in 2018. 

Today’s prompt:

He wrapped his arm around her and she sighed as she thought, ‘this again.’

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Goal: 500 words


Happy #FreeWriteFriday I’m in a fun mood today so I will give you a guided free write goal for today, good luck! 

Before you start your timer, spend a few minutes reflecting on your favorite nostalgia inducing memories. Then begin. 

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Goal: 4 minutes